Amazon Launching ‘Q’ Chatbot

New Amazon Chatbot Q

Following on from the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard (and Duet), Microsoft’s Copilot, and X’s Grok, now Amazon has announced that it will soon be launching its own ‘Q’ generative AI chatbot (for business).  Cue Q  Amazon has become the latest of the tech giants to announce the introduction of its own generative AI…

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Amazon Launches AI App-Building Platform

Tech News : Amazon Launches AI App-Building Platform

Amazon has announced the launch of ‘Amazon Bedrock,’ a new service which it says is the easiest way for customers to build and scale generative AI-based applications using foundation models (FMs).  What Is A Foundation Model (FM)?  A foundation model is an “ultra-large” machine learning model that generative AI uses. FMs, which are machine learning…

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Big AWS Outage Affects Large Proportion of the Internet and IoT

A big Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage on November 25 affected a large number of Internet services and gadgets at a time when making online sales and using cloud-based remote working platforms are vital for struggling businesses. AWS AWS, which is responsible for around 15 per cent of Amazon’s massive overall revenue, is made up of 175+…

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Toyota To Upload Your Data To Amazon

Toyota will use Amazon’s (AWS) cloud services for a Mobility Services Platform that will upload data from Toyota cars globally that could be used for monetised services. Data Gathering From Fleet Toyota’s platform in Amazon’s cloud will gather data from the Data Communication Module (DCM) in each car in Toyota’s global fleet which could be…

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Amazon Offering Custom ‘Brand Voice’

Amazon’s AWS is offering a new ‘Brand Voice’ capability to companies which enables them to create their own custom voice for Alexa that replaces the default voice with one that reflects their “persona”, such as the voice of Colonel Sanders for KFC. Brand Polly The capability is being offered through Amazon’s ‘Brand Polly’, the cloud…

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