New Privacy Features For Facebook and Instagram 

Security Features

Meta has announced the start of a roll-out of default end-to-end encryption for all personal chats and calls via Messenger and Facebook, with a view to making them more private and secure.  Extra Layer Of Security and Privacy  Meta says that despite it being an optional feature since 2016, making it the default has “taken years…

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New £1 Billion UK Tech Campus

New UK Tech Campus

Plans have been submitted for a new £1 billion development in Cheltenham that will include one of Europe’s largest tech campuses and will house the National Cyber Innovation Centre.  Cheltenham’s Golden Valley Development  Planning has been submitted for what will be called ‘Cheltenham’s Golden Valley Development,’ which is reported to be at the heart of…

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Cyber Attacks Burn Out Security Experts

A new survey from CyberArk has revealed that increased workloads caused by a surge in cyber threats and attacks has led to 59 per cent of UK senior cyber security professionals facing burnout.  Cyber Crime Levels High  The results of the survey highlight the growing workload pressure on cyber security professionals because in just the…

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Temporary Climb-Down By UK Government

Featured Article : Temporary Climb-Down By UK Government

In an apparent admission of defeat, the UK government has conceded that requiring scanning of platforms like WhatsApp for messages with harmful content, as required in the Online Safety Bill, is not (currently) feasible.  The ‘Spy Clause’  Under what’s been dubbed the ‘spy clause’ (Clause 122) in the UK’s Online Safety Bill, the government had stated…

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What’s Involved In a ‘Pen-Test’ ?

Tech Insight : What's Involved In a 'Pen-Test'?

If you’d like to know what a ‘Pen Test’ is and the sorts of things you can expect from one, this article will give you a helpful overview. Pen Tests  Put simply, pen testing is short for “penetration testing” and in a virtual situation (we’ll concentrate mostly on virtual in this article) acts like a…

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20 NHS Trusts Shared Personal Data With Facebook

Tech News : 20 NHS Trusts Shared Personal Data With Facebook

An Observer investigation has reported uncovering evidence that 20 NHS Trusts have been collecting data about patients’ medical conditions and sharing it with Facebook.  Using A Covert Tracking Tool  The newspaper’s investigation found that over several years, the trusts have been using the Meta Pixel analytics tool to collect patient browsing data on their websites.…

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Two Key Cyber Security Insights

Featured Article : New Reports Reveal Two Key Cyber Security Insights

With phishing attacks being favoured for their effectiveness by attackers and most ransomware attacks now targeting backup storage, we look at what businesses can do to protect themselves.   Spear Phishing Accounted For Two-Thirds Of All Attacks Last Year  A recent report from security provider Barracuda has revealed that although spear phishing attacks make up just…

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IT Security Threatened By Professional Burnouts

Tech News : IT Security Threatened By Professional Burnouts

A Mimecast spokesman has warned that in a labour market already stretched by shortages, Dutch digital resilience could be threatened if more attention isn’t paid to the mental well-being of cyber security professionals.  Wanting To Change Jobs  Recent research commissioned by Mimecast in the Netherlands showed that a quarter of Dutch IT professionals are considering…

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Do Hackers Get Pensions & Sick Pay?

Featured Article : Do Hackers Get Pensions & Sick Pay?

Kaspersky research has shown that hackers are now being recruited with dark web job ads offering huge salaries and benefits!   What?!  According to Kaspersky’s analysis of more than 200,000 employment ads posted on the dark web between January 2020 and June 2022, ‘employers’ have been seeking applications from the best hackers by offering favourable terms…

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What’s All the Fuss About LastPass?

Featured Article : What's All the Fuss About LastPass?

Following news that hackers have stolen encrypted backups from the parent company of popular password manager LastPass, we look at what password managers are, plus the implications of the attack for businesses.  Password Challenges  We are all used to using passwords but without extra measures (e.g. 2FA) they are now recognised as having security limitations…

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