The Tech That The Parties Are Promising

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With the UK’s General Election due to take place on 12 December, many issues have been covered in the media.  One key area of interest for businesses is technology and for those of you who may not have time to plough through the manifestos of the main parties, here’s a quick look at some of […]


5G Mobile Network is 450% Faster Than 4G in Tests

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Tests by Ookla, the developer of, are reported to have shown that the new 5G mobile network is 450% faster than 4G. Speed According to the website, the results of the testing of 5G in 29 UK cities during Q3 of 2019 generally show download speeds as being 450-475% faster than those on […]


Your Online Ad Updates 18th November 2019

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Lead Generation With Google Text Ads Thanks To New Extension Google is testing a new type of extension format for text-based ads that would mean improved lead generation capture capabilities. This will allow advertisers and marketers the ability to analyse and monitor lead generation within the context of paid advertising marketing. According to Search Engine Land: […]


$20 Million Fight Highlights Value of Social Influence and PR

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The popularity and influence of two YouTube celebrities making their boxing event an all-time global Top 20 pay-per-view phenomenon and splittin a $20 million prize is a reminder of the magnifying value of online PR. What Happened? Two of the world’s leading YouTube celebrities and ‘Generation Z’ heroes Logan Paul and Olajide “KSI” Olatunji followed […]


Google Announces New ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’ No-Code Machine Learning Model Generator

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Two years on from its first incarnation, Google has announced the introduction of its ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’, a no-code custom machine learning model generating platform that can be used by anyone and requires no coding experience. First Version Back in 2017, Google introduced its first version of Teachable Machine which enabled anyone to teach their computer […]


‘Moore’s Law’ and Business Innovation Challenged By Slow-Down In Rate of Processing Power Growth

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Many tech commentators have noted a stagnation or slow-down period in computing related to ‘Moore’s Law’ being challenged, but has the shrinking of transistors within computer chips really hit a wall and what could drive innovation further? What Is Moore’s Law? Moore’s Law, named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, is based on his observation from […]


Security Updates 15th November 2019

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Ring Doorbell Tech Leaves Door Open To WiFi Password Hack Security analysts at Bitdefender have announced a major vulnerability with the Amazon-owned Ring doorbell technology platform. The flaw exposes the Ring doorbell by making the Wi-Fi password publicly available during setup. According to Tech Crunch: “Bitdefender said the Amazon-owned doorbell was sending owners’ Wi-Fi passwords in […]


Security Updates 17th October 2019

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The latest news finds the Cookie ‘Monster’ attacking Sesame Street’s Online Webstore, FIFA 20 has had a major user data breach, spoofing emails are becoming more and more elaborate and costing companies millions, and more … Cookie Monster Malware Attacks Sesame Street Online Store Thousands of online retailers – including Sesame Street’s online webstore – […]


Your Online Ad Updates, 10th September 2019

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The news this week finds Google publishing its latest guidance notification on the sunsetting of its average position metrics on the 30th of September, Google launches “experimental” plug-in to combat shady advertising, Twitter launches new biddable short video service and more… Google Introduces Brand New Project To Fight “Shady Online Advertising” Google has unveiled a new […]


Online Ad Updates 5th September 2019

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South Korean Biometrics Firm Under Fire For Cyber Security Flaw Suprema, the manufacturers of Biostar 2, a biometric on-site physical security system, have responded to researchers who claimed to have accessed data from the company’s online systems. Researchers found that large swathes of cyber security data were obtained online and the leak could have impacted […]