Referrals – Part 1

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Why Get Referrals Anyway? “I get all my customers by referrals, mate” is the most common response (or some derivative of it) that I have received, by a long way, from the thousands of business owners I’ve spoken with about their marketing. Indeed, in many cases, it’s the only form of marketing that the business owner […]


Security Updates April 2019

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Hi again Paul and welcome to our latest ‘Essential IT Security Updates’ newsletter : essential reading for IT security and data protection leaders like you wanting to stay ahead of developments and news in this ever-changing sector. Feel free to use this content in your marketing or simply to keep abreast for yourself and your team. The latest news from […]

Postcards To Combat Election Interference

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Following disclosures of how Facebook was used by advertisers who may have been seeking to influence the US election result, Facebook has suggested that in future in the US, those backing candidates with advertising campaigns will receive a ‘snail mail’ postcard sent by Facebook with a verification code. Ads Mentioning A Candidate The measure is […]

Facebook Pushes Local News

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In a move to improve the quality and trustworthiness of content, and to increase civic engagement, Facebook has announced that it will be focusing on local news sources. Misleading News Problems Even though Mark Zuckerberg has been keen to promote the view that the change to the prominence given to local community news sources in […]