1.5 Million Seat NHS IT Support Deal

Tech News : 1.5 Million Seat NHS IT Support Deal

Microsoft and NHS England have announced the signing of new five-year contract whereby Microsoft (via a major reseller) will roll out the Microsoft 365 cloud-based online productivity suite to 1.5 million NHS staff.  Trusted Relationship Continues  Coinciding with the 75th Anniversary of the NHS, Microsoft says the partnership, through a contract awarded to the reseller,…

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Major NHS Supplier Hit By Ransomware Attack

Tech News : Major NHS Supplier Hit By Ransomware Attack

Advanced, an IT supplier to the NHS, has been hit by a ransomware attack that could take a month to recover from.  What Happened?  Birmingham-based ‘Advance’ provides digital services to the NHS such as patient check-in and NHS 111. The company’s Adastra software works with 85 per cent of NHS 111 services.  Advanced reported spotting…

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What Happened Recently With The ICO?

Featured Article : What Happened Recently With The ICO?

Following news of a Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosure revealing a lack of public reprimands issued over GDPR breaches in the public sector, we take a closer look at the FOI, what it can be used for, and how it’s linked to the ICO.  What Is The Freedom of Information Act?  The Freedom of Information…

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Essential IT Security Updates

The latest news from the sector sees Marriot Hotels fall victim for the second largest cyber attack in history, GDPR hits the news again as SMEs continue to fail to understand the scale of their data privacy responsibilities, 25% of NHS trusts fail to invest in cyber security, and more… SME organisations ‘clueless’ about GDPR…

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UK Most Targeted Region For Cyber Threats

The Malwarebytes annual State of Malware report has revealed that the UK is now the most targeted region in the world for cyber threats. Big Rises The UK has been elevated to the unenviable position at the top of the targets table after a huge 165% increase in UK bound ransomware was recorded, and after…

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