OpenAI Now Exploring Humanoid Robots

Featured Article : OpenAI Now Exploring Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robotics company (1X Technologies) has announced that it raised $2.5m Series A2 funding led by ChatGPT’s creators OpenAI to pursue producing androids/humanoid robots at commercial scale.  Funding  The funding round to develop more androids was led by the OpenAI Startup Fund, with participation from Tiger Global and a consortium of Norway-based investors, including…

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Google To Offer Bank Accounts

Tech giant Google is crossing over into the banking world by partnering with Citigroup to offer ‘smart checking’ accounts (bank current accounts) next year as part of its ‘Cache’ project. Partnering, Not Self-Branding Google is reported to be prepared to rely heavily on the knowledge of Citibank partner in the project and will not be…

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