OpenAI Videos Gamechanger

AI Generated Videos

OpenAI’s new ‘Sora’ AI-powered text-to-video tool is so good that its outputs could easily be mistaken for real videos, prompting deepfake fears in a year of important global elections.  Sora  Open AI says that its new Sora text-to-video model can generate realistic videos up to a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adherence to…

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Google Launches Gemini Subscription


Google has rebranded its Bard chatbot as Gemini, the name of its new powerful AI model family, and launched a $20 per month ‘Gemini Advanced’ subscription service.  Gemini Advanced  To compete with the likes of ChatGPT, Google has launched its own monthly Chatbot subscription service for the same price but with some extras thrown in.…

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Robo-Calls Now Illegal In The US


The US The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that robocalls using AI-generated voices are now illegal. What Are Robocalls And Why Make Them Illegal? A robocall is a call made using voice cloning technology with an AI-generated voice, i.e. it is a telemarketing call that uses an automatic telephone-dialling system and an artificial or…

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AI Can Learn To Be Bad. And Stay Bad.

Bad AI

In a recent experiment where AI was taught to behave maliciously and then taught to stop, the bad behaviour continued despite efforts to stop it, giving a chilling reminder of the potential threats of AI.  The Experiment  The Cornell University experiment was documented in an online paper entitled “Sleeper Agents: Training Deceptive LLMS That Persist Through…

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New Certification For Copyright Compliant AI 

Certification for AI

Following many legal challenges to AI companies about copyrighted content being scraped and used to train their AI models (without consent or payment), a new certification for copyright-compliant AI has been launched.  The Issue  As highlighted in the recent case of the New York Times suing OpenAI over the alleged training of its AI on…

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AI Saves Police Admin Time – A Lot

AI Saving Police Admin Time

It’s been reported that the UK’s Minister of State (Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire), the Rt Hon Chris Philp MP, has urged UK police forces to follow Bedfordshire’s example of using artificial intelligence (AI) to save time and money in carrying out admin tasks.  Which Admin Tasks?  The main task that Mr Philip was…

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News Channel With Virtual Newsreaders

AI Newsreaders

A Los Angeles-based startup has said the news channel it’s about to launch will feature virtual newsreaders delivering news content generated by AI.  AI-Generated News And Presenters  Channel 1, which describes itself as a “personalised global news network powered by AI” showcased its virtual AI-generated news and presenters in a half-hour long video posted on Twitter.  The…

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Google’s Ultra-Powerful Gemini AI


Google has announced the phased rollout of its new ‘Gemini’ family of large language models with the Ultra version said to rival the abilities of OpenAI’s GPT-4.  What Is Gemini?  Gemini, which Google describes as its “newest and most capable” large language model (LLM) and representing a “new era” for AI, is a highly advanced and multimodal AI model.…

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New EU AI Regulations

EU AI Regulations

Following 36 hours of talks, EU officials have finally reached a historic provisional deal on laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.  The Artificial Intelligence Act  The Council presidency and the European Parliament’s negotiators’ provisional agreement relates to the proposal on harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (AI), the so-called artificial intelligence act.   The EU…

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AI Job Risks – Finance & Insurance

AI Jobs Threat

Analysis by the Department for Education’s Unit for Future Skills to try and quantify the impact of AI on the UK jobs market found the finance and insurance sector was more exposed than any other.   The Analysis  “The impact of AI on UK jobs and training” report published online by the government highlights the results of…

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