Ex-Employees : Offboarding Checklist

Offboarding Employees

Here we look at why organisations need to have an effective employee offboarding procedure in place and suggest a checklist for you that could form the basis of this procedure.  Why?  Members of organisations inevitably change over time for various reasons, perhaps to relocate to another job and move away, or they may be asked…

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New UK Law To Eradicate Weak Passwords

New UK Password Law

Here we look at the new UK cybersecurity law that will ban device manufacturers from having weak, easily guessable default passwords, thereby providing extra protection against hacking and cyber-attacks.  The Problem  With 99 per cent of UK adults owning at least one smart device and UK households owning an average of nine connected devices, but…

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Firm Ordered To Stop Employee Face-Scanning

Face Scanning-Ban

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ordered Serco Leisure to stop using facial recognition technology (FRT) and fingerprint scanning to monitor employee attendance.   Not Necessary or Proportionate  An ICO investigation found that public service provider Serco Leisure, Serco Jersey and seven associated community leisure trusts had been “unlawfully processing the biometric data of more than…

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‘Public Domain’ – What Does It Mean?

Public Domain

With January 1 being ‘Public Domain Day’, we look at what ‘public domain’ actually means in relation to works of literature, music, art, and science.  Public Domain Day  New Year’s Day each year is called ‘Public Domain Day’ because it’s the day that the copyright protection on a wide range of creative works such as…

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NY Times Sues OpenAI And Microsoft Over Alleged Copyright Breach

OpenAI Sued by Newspaper

It’s been reported that The New York Times has sued OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging that they used millions of its articles without permission to help train chatbots.  The First  It’s understood that the New York Times (NYT) is the first major US media organisation to sue ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI, plus tech giant Microsoft (which is…

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Antitrust : OpenAI And Microsoft

Microsoft Antitrust

Following the recent boardroom power struggle that led to the sacking and reinstatement of OpenAI boss Sam Altman, Microsoft’s relationship with OpenAI is now under US and UK antitrust scrutiny.  What Happened?  A recent boardroom battle at OpenAI (ChatGPT’s creator and working partner of Microsoft), led to the rapid ousting of OpenAI’s boss Sam Altman…

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ICO Cookie Warning To Top Websites

The UK Information Commissioner has warned some of the UK’s top websites that if they don’t offer users fair choices over cookie use, as required by data protection law, they will face enforcement action.  Guidance Not Being Followed  The Information Commissioner argues that although it has previously issued clear guidance that organisations must make it…

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Warning Over Lessening Of AI Facial Recognition Supervision

Reduced Facial Recognition Supervision

Computer Weekly recently reported that in an interview with the outgoing England and Wales biometrics and surveillance camera commissioner, Professor Fraser Sampson, he warned of the declining state of oversight in AI facial recognition surveillance deployment by UK police.  Resignation  Professor Fraser Sampson emailed his resignation letter to (then) Home Secretary Suella Braverman in August,…

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Copyrights Conundrum: OpenAI Sued

It’s been reported that a trade group for U.S. authors (including John Grisham) has sued OpenAI, accusing it of unlawfully training its chatbot ChatGPT on their work.  Which Authors?  The Authors Guild trade group has filed the lawsuit (in Manhattan federal court) on behalf of a number of prominent authors including John Grisham, Jonathan Franzen,…

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Opting Out Of AI-Targeting

User Targetting

The EU’s new Digital Services Act allows social media users to opt out of AI personalised content feeds based on relevance.  What Is The DSA?  The Digital Services Act is a new EU Law designed to protect users. It applies to any digital company operating and serving the EU with “very large online platforms” (those with over…

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