New Threat

New Threat From Fileless Powershell Exploits

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Businesses now face the growing threat of fileless hacking and fileless malware attacks facilitated by the PowerShell scripting language that is already built-in to Windows. Surge Reported The latest McAfee Labs threat report shows what an emerging and dangerous threat the exploiting of the PowerShell scripting language has become. Taking the last quarter of 2017, […]

Obama Retaliates By Expelling 35 Russian Diplomats

Obama Retaliates By Expelling 35 Russian ‘Spy’ Diplomats

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The outgoing US President Obama has commenced the public aspects of retaliation for the alleged Russian hacking of (and interference with) the US presidential election by expelling 35 Russian diplomats from the country. What Happened? The US government under President Obama claim that Russia took part in state-sponsored interference in the US presidential election, with the […]