Do Hackers Get Pensions & Sick Pay?

Featured Article : Do Hackers Get Pensions & Sick Pay?

Kaspersky research has shown that hackers are now being recruited with dark web job ads offering huge salaries and benefits!   What?!  According to Kaspersky’s analysis of more than 200,000 employment ads posted on the dark web between January 2020 and June 2022, ‘employers’ have been seeking applications from the best hackers by offering favourable terms…

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You Guessed It. (Er, Your Credit Card Number)

Credit card querying system

Researchers from the University of Newcastle have developed a credit card querying system that has exposed loopholes in online payment systems. The system could allow cyber thieves using a similar method to successfully ‘guess’ your credit card number. What Kind of System? One of the main goals of cyber thieves is of course to obtain…

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