Amazon Announces Smart Office Supply Re-Ordering Device

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Amazon has announced the introduction of a ‘smart’ office essentials re-ordering device called Dash Smart Shelf which uses a weight-sensing, Wi-Fi-enabled smart scale to re-order products when they’re running low. Why? According to Amazon, monitoring and reordering everyday business essentials (e.g. printer paper) can be unnecessarily time-consuming for the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that […]

Amazon’s $1 Billion ‘Smart Doorbell’ Purchase

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Amazon has paid $1 billion for ‘Ring’, a smart doorbell company, so that it can improve how it delivers parcels, and compete with Google and Apple in expanding the opportunities for their digital assistants and app ecosystems. What Is Ring? Ring, run by CEO Jamie Siminoff, is a US company that primarily manufactures ‘smart doorbells’. […]

Amazon’s ‘No Checkout’ Grocery Store Opens

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Amazon has opened a revolutionary checkout-free, bricks-and-mortar grocery store called ‘Amazon Go’ in Seattle, after more than a year of testing. How Can It Have No Checkouts? The Amazon Go store uses infra-red ceiling-mounted cameras and electronic sensors to track what shoppers remove from the shelves (which have weight sensors), and what they put back. […]