Research Says Memes Can Tell Between Humans and Bots

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Researchers from the University of Delaware have concluded that when it comes to authentication for logins, Memes may be one of the strongest techniques to distinguish between a human and a bot. The Bot Challenge One of the great challenges to websites when it comes to authentication for logins is that software bots can fool […]


‘Moore’s Law’ and Business Innovation Challenged By Slow-Down In Rate of Processing Power Growth

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Many tech commentators have noted a stagnation or slow-down period in computing related to ‘Moore’s Law’ being challenged, but has the shrinking of transistors within computer chips really hit a wall and what could drive innovation further? What Is Moore’s Law? Moore’s Law, named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, is based on his observation from […]


Online Ad Updates, 26th June 2019

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This week’s news has Google giving marketers top hacks for ad success, Facebook’s latest “Fan Subscription” service could help make more cash for advertisers, Outbrain and Guardian re-sign partnership deal, Influencer boosting partnership ad posts could revolutionise Instagram marketing … and more … Google’s Five Hacks for Ad Marketeer Success Google’s head of search tech, […]


‘See In The Dark’ Phone Camera

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Chinese electronics company Huawei is heading to the European market with a smartphone that uses a long exposure and AI to take photos in near-dark conditions without a flash. How? The revolutionary phone camera is able to gather enough light to take a photo in near dark conditions thanks to an exposure lasting up to […]

Huge UK Increase

Huge UK Increase In Demand For AI Professionals

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A study by job website ‘Indeed’ based on job postings on its site since 2015 has found that demand for skills in AI and machine learning has almost tripled in 3 years. Demand – AI Boom With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector booming in the UK, and with the pace of growth in demand for […]

Accountants To

Accountants To Use AI For The ‘Boring’ Stuff

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A study by Sage that identified how 83% of clients would like their accountants to extend their services has seen 50% of accountants looking to solutions like AI to allow them to free up the necessary time to do so. Off-Load Repetitive Tasks To AI With accountancy clients looking for consultancy and advice (42%) as […]


UK Government Unveils Online Extremism Blocker

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Home Secretary Amber Rudd has unveiled the UK government’s new tool for detecting and blocking online extremist and jihadist content. Publicly Funded The new tool was developed by artificial intelligence company ‘ASI Data Science’ based in London, and was funded using £600,000 of public funds. Tackling A Growing Problem The tool was developed to tackle […]

IT Recruitment Challenges in 2017

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The word from recruitment specialists to employers is that challenges in IT recruitment for 2017 will include a ‘High-Demand, Low Supply’ hiring landscape, and the need to adapt to the needs and expectations of millennials and Generation Z. Complications and Challenges The complications that businesses now face in areas such as security, big-data and cloud […]

12323281 - the profile of a child robot gazing into the future.

Robots Get Rights As ‘Robot People’

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The EU has voted to give a Bill of Rights to robots that will give them “electronic personhood” status in the eyes of the Law in anticipation of a new kind of industrial robot revolution. Why? The need for European Parliament’s legal affairs committee to vote in favour of extending rights to robots has come […]

TV Accidentally Sets Off Amazon Gadget

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Amazon Echo’ gadgets in homes across the city of San Diego on the West Coast of the US were activated by a comment make by a TV presenter. What is Amazon Echo? Amazon Echo is a 23.5cm tall, cylindrical, smart ‘hands-free’, voice operated speaker. The product, which was developed by Amazon and is also known […]