Apple & OpenAI Partnership : Musk Reacts

Following Apple’s recent announcement that it is partnering with OpenAI for its new AI system (which will see ChatGPT on Apple’s new phones), Elon Musk has threatened to ban Apple devices from his businesses.  Apple And OpenAI  Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference that, as part of its new personalised…

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Data and AI Strategies For SME Success

Following a recent AWS survey showing that data-driven SMBs who also adopt AI more quickly and make better use of it are financially outperforming their peers, we look at ways your business could do the same.  The Key Findings Of The Report  A recent study by S&P Market Intelligence, commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS),…

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Microsoft/Truecaller Answers Phone … In Your Voice

A new partnership means that Truecaller’s AI Assistant can use Microsoft Azure AI Speech technology to enable Truecaller to answer your phone (via the Truecaller app) using an authentic AI version of your voice.  Truecaller  Truecaller is a mobile app, available on iOS and Android, that offers caller identification, call blocking, and spam filtering services.…

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Currys, Accenture, Microsoft & New ‘GPT-4o’

ChatGPT Updates

International omnichannel retailer of technology products and services, Currys, has selected Accenture and Microsoft to deliver the core cloud technology infrastructure that will enable it to leverage the latest generative AI technologies.  Accenture?  Accenture is a US multinational professional services company (IT services, cloud, data, AI, and consulting) headquartered in Dublin, that helps leading businesses,…

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OpenAI Boosts Training Via Stack Overflow Data

OpenAI Uses Stack Overflow

A partnership deal between OpenAI and Stack Overflow (the question-and-answer website for programmers and developers) will see the Stack overflow Q&A data used to train and improve AI model performance, potentially benefitting developers who use OpenAI’s products.  Stack Overflow  Stack Overflow is the world’s largest developer community, with more than 59 million questions and answers.…

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Realtime Deepfake Dating Scams

Realtime Dating Scams

Here we look at how scammers are now reportedly using face-swapping technology to change their appearance in real-time to conduct video-based romance scams.  Yahoo Boys  Recently, tech news site ‘Wired’ featured a story about romance scammers dubbed ‘Yahoo Boys,’ a slang term for a Nigeria-based collective of scammers who are now using deepfakes and real-time…

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FM Market Dominance Concerns

FM Dominance

Following an initial report on AI Foundation Models (FMs) last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed “real concerns” about it and is investigating the dominance of a small number of big tech firms at the centre of the FM market.  Foundation Models  Foundation models (FMs) are AI systems / large-scale machine learning…

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‘AI Washing’ – Crackdown

The US investment regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has dished out penalties totalling $400,000 to two investment companies who made misleading claims about how they used AI, a practice dubbed ‘AI Washing’.  What Is AI Washing?  The term ‘AI washing’ (as used by the investment regulator in this case) refers to the practice of…

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Google Pauses Gemini AI Over ‘Historical Inaccuracies’

Google Gemini Paused

Only a month after its launch, Google has paused its text-to-image AI tool following “inaccuracies” in some of the historical depictions of people produced by the model.  ‘Woke’ … Overcorrecting For Diversity?  An example of the inaccuracy issue (as highlighted by X user Patrick Ganley recently, after asking Google Gemini to generate images of the…

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AI Can Learn To Be Bad. And Stay Bad.

Bad AI

In a recent experiment where AI was taught to behave maliciously and then taught to stop, the bad behaviour continued despite efforts to stop it, giving a chilling reminder of the potential threats of AI.  The Experiment  The Cornell University experiment was documented in an online paper entitled “Sleeper Agents: Training Deceptive LLMS That Persist Through…

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