US Supercomputer Breaks The ‘Exascale’ Barrier

US Supercomputer Breaks The 'Exascale' Barrier

The world’s first ‘exascale’ computer, called the ‘Frontier’ computing system (i.e. a supercomputer) from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, has smashed the exascale computing speed barrier.  What Is The Exascale?  The exascale is a computing system threshold / level of computing performance of a quintillion calculations per second, i.e. a computer that’s capable of…

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AI, Supercomputers … and Storm Dennis

The disruption and damage caused by weather events affect businesses across the UK but having the benefit of early and detailed insights provided a by a new supercomputer system could enable businesses, organisations, agencies, local authorities and the government to plan and minimise disruption where possible, thereby saving billions of pounds per year. Climate Change…

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