Paid Online Ad Updates – December 2018


The news this week finds Google creating a new resource to create the best ad ever while Google (and Facebook) have included new language support to help drive multi-market sales. Looking for a new marketing platform in 2019 in addition to Bing, Yahoo or Google … what about AdRoll?

Need Help Writing The ‘Best Google Ad Ever’? Google Has You Covered!

Want to save time, effort and energy crafting the best possible Google Ad? Google knows that marketers have been spending hours testing A/B splits and ads per group metrics in order to identify functional and useful means of delivering their marketing message through the medium of Google Ads. To help marketers save time, Google has unveiled ‘Recommendations’.

Recommendations is “an entire section dedicated to helping you improve your campaigns” according to Google. Some wise-owl marketers might see some similarities with the now defunct Google ‘Opportunities’ feature. However, ‘Recommendations’ new Google Ads Suggestions tab will help businesses understand more about their digital marketing.

HootSuite’s AdEspresso explains:

“Google AdWords is an invaluable advertising channel; Google Ads get 65% of clicks following a keyword search (versus just 35% for your standard organic keyword searches).

Suggestions on Google Ads are automatic, tailored recommendations that help advertisers get more out of their AdWords campaigns. In many cases, recommendations identify opportunities to improve click-through-rate (CTR). In other cases, it can help you reach more of the right people or increase sales.

Why not login today to Google Ads and find out how Google’s Recommendations and Suggestions can help your digital marketing connect with more potential customers?

Want To Reach More Customers? Google’s Latest Responsive Ads Language Additions Could Help Your Business Grow In New Markets

Google is investing heavily into its Responsive Search Ads (RSA) programme. The technology provides a dynamic context to advertising content – predominantly the headline and descriptions – and how people engage with these advertisements within the Google ecosystem.

However, Google’s latest language additions in its marketing settings could provide unintended consequences for SMEs looking to expand into new markets. As research confirms, multilingual brand messaging can help businesses reach new markets through the power of on-message multilingual marketing. Google has made accessible, what was the domain of big agencies and corporations, easy to use multilingual marketing tools to help build new market sales campaigns.

Search Engine Land clarifies:

“Google has also made RSAs available in ten additional languages: Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

Why you should careAs more features come online, it becomes more clear that RSAs are here to stay. Google continues to invest in the format and all of these tools and indicators are designed to get advertisers to embrace it. As with the original shift to expanded text ads, early movers often see the best results over time by getting more experimentation under their belts.”

By providing ads in multiple languages, marketers can help their businesses grow internationally into big developing economies. Next time you launch Google Ads, why not take advantage of these new language additions to help inject your next campaign with a more global context?

Google Analytics Email Bug Fixed Claim Search Engine Giant

Google has announced that in November 2018, Google analytics admins received notification of a bug in the ‘automatic owner verification’ process between the Analytics and Search Console platforms on Google. The latest data breach saw users who signed up to the search console’s administrator site being inundated by emails from the Search Console.

Search Engine Land stated:

“In yet another example of a bug causing privacy issues for tech users, Google said a bug caused the emails of Search Analytics administrators to be sent to people who added the administrator’s site to Search Console but had not been marked as owners.

[An admin user] received an email in which The Search Console Team said, “Between November 12, 2018 – November 12, 2018, a bug caused a confirmation email containing your email address to be inadvertently sent to Search Console users who had added your site to their Search Console account, but were not marked as owners.

Google says no other data other than the email address was disclosed and “there has been no other unauthorized access to your Google Analytics or Search Console accounts as a result of this bug.”

If your account has been affected by the Search Console/Google Analytics link bug, Google will have already sent out an email clarifying your position. The verification process has been suspended and Google is exploring ‘new avenues’ in relation to verifying user accounts linked between the two platforms.

Microsoft Leverages The Power of Analytics To Help Improve Bing!

Bing’s AdStage platform will now automatically show Salesforce or Google Analytics data in order to give marketers ‘clarity’ on their own customers sales journey in relation to conversion, engagement and retention metrics thus giving marketers an edge in relation to sound marketing planning.

The beta release of ‘Clarity’, Microsoft believes, will provide useful functionalities to help provide marketing professionals with data to help make the right choices:

“Building a compelling and user-friendly website requires a deeper understanding of user behaviour, their pain points and what users are looking for. Traditionally, web developers utilize user research and A/B experimentation to update web experiences. While these have proven to be great techniques – each has its own limitations. Sample users in research studies may not fully represent your target audience. A/B experimentation tell how your metrics are affected by a change but not why. Clarity fills in these gaps by letting you replay your users’ session to see how your users really use your site. With session replay, you can see where people get stuck, or where they are highly engaged.”

If you want to use Bing and Clarity to help drive your sales, why not sign-up todayto find out more?

Want A Less Competitive Marketing Platform? Introducing AdRoll …

AdRoll is a popular alternative to Bing, Google or Yahoo. The plus side of AdRoll is that is supports Google’s Display Network – meaning you still access the Google ecosystem whilst also having access to AdRoll’s native network. The programmatic display ads can help nudge visitors through difficult marketing funnels into alternative marketing platforms.

If the goal of your digital ad marketing is to help drive more shoppers to your website, AdRoll is designed specifically to help attract and fuel online sales experiences through programmatic ad technologies.

According to AdRoll:

“There are fundamental ingredients to great marketing, such as creativity, a tightly-planned strategy, and of course, the time and resources to make it happen. But if you’re missing the vital element of measurement, your potentially wasting a lot of money in the process of pushing these campaigns out the door.

In a nutshell, measurement helps you understand how your marketing efforts are working. It can determine which channels and platforms are delivering value to your business—and give you the chance to tweak or test ideas to ensure you’re achieving the highest ROI possible. But according to ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, 74% of marketers can’t measure or report how their efforts impact their business. We’re here to help dispel the myth that measurement is hard to truly achieve. In fact, with the rise of digital marketing, measurement has steadily become easier than ever before.”

If you are looking at alternative platforms in 2019, why not venture to new terrain and include AdRoll into your wider digital marketing mix?

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