The Law of Pragnanz for MSPs

The Law of Prägnanz originates from the field of Gestalt psychology, which began in early 20th-century Germany. Prägnanz, a term borrowed from German, directly translates to “pithiness”.

Various eminent German psychologists proposed this law as part of a series of principles to explain human perception. It became a fundamental tenet of Gestalt psychology, influencing fields such as design, cognitive psychology, and user experience and embodies notions of succinctness, prominence, and neatness.

In essence, this law of suggests that we naturally gravitate towards perceiving things as routine, orderly, balanced, and straightforward.

To make this as simple as possible, it means that you should keep things … as simple as possible!

Managed service providers (MSPs) can leverage the Law of Prägnanz to win more business by creating clear, concise, and compelling value propositions and service offerings. By simplifying complex technical jargon into easy-to-understand terms, they can communicate their services and the benefits thereof more effectively. The law can be applied to website design and content, ensuring potential clients are not overwhelmed by complex visuals or text. A clear, intuitive interface allows users to understand at a glance what services are provided.

Furthermore, in presenting proposals to prospective clients, MSPs can use this law to simplify complex data, making it digestible and attractive. By providing solutions that appear straightforward and efficient, potential clients are more likely to perceive the MSP as reliable and competent.

Additionally, in service delivery, adhering to the Law of Prägnanz can lead to the creation of streamlined processes and systems, reducing the cognitive load on clients and increasing their satisfaction. Emphasizing simplicity and ease of use in the user experience can make an MSP’s services more appealing to clients, leading to a competitive edge in the market. Thus, the Law of Prägnanz serves as a strategic tool for MSPs to increase their business appeal.

In plain English (and this is something I personally struggle with – get rid of all unnecessary information, make things neat and tidy and ordered and strive for simplicity in all your dealings and definitely, definitely don’t hide behind jargon) – although that’s something else outside Gestalt theory.


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