The Biggest Marketing ‘Secret’

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The most effective thing that an MSP business owner (or indeed any business owner) can do that dramatically multiply their success is to set assign time to “working on the business”.
Yes, it’s a cliche but it really is the most important part of marketing. Even just a couple of hours a week, every week, consistently working on the business (i.e. your marketing) means that in a year’s time, you’ll have spent 100 hours working on the business.

Given that MSP owners are very busy and in an insanely frenetic industry, this requires significant discipline and commitment. There will always, always always be other stuff that gets in the way if you don’t sort out your timeslot – once and for all.

It means turning off your phone. It means ignoring emails and all other distractions. Maybe it even means an early or late shift or even a change of location such as working from your car or a different office or in fact anywhere where you’ll get some peace.
However, those people that consistently set aside time to work on their business will see eventually see significant benefits from doing so, without exception.

It’s like stopping smoking or quitting drinking or losing weight … it’s hard to do but it’s always, always, always worth it in the end.
Of course, the flip side of this … i.e. not doing it … is a predictable, unnecessary and wholly avoidable reduction in the value of your business.

So … set aside your regular timeslot, stick to it and reap the rewards!


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Mike Knight