The 3 Line Email

Sometimes the simple, easiest things are the best.
This can be the case with the “3 line email”.

Multiple times I’ve had success with this method and anecdotally, I’ve heard some great success stories too.

What’s It About?

Very often, as business owners, we can have prospects that have been languishing in our CRM, in whichever form that ‘CRM’ may take. Whether those prospects have been there for years or just a few weeks, it’s entirely possible that all our previous historic attempts to close them were just inches away from a conversion. You’ll appreciate that “there’s gold in tham thar hills“, yet so often those dormant leads are ready to buy and are left unconverted, needlessly.

Here’s the thing : Timing is everything. Maybe they were very, very close to buying before, but still not quite ready. But now they’re ripe for the picking.

The trouble is, you may have a complex setup within your CRM and have lots of little rules and sequences that affect your sales pipeline, so it can become bewildering to know how to add an extra outreach to the process. Conversely, your follow-up process might be next to nothing and it’s easy to add a reach-out – you just haven’t got around to doing it!

So, here’s a solution : try sending the following three line email to your prospect list. It’s ridiculously simple and as I’ve already mentioned, it has proved itself countless times, for countless businesses, having been tested by lots of different marketing experts in the world.

Try it – what have you got to lose? Here it is :


Subject: [Firstname], further to our last conversation

Hi [Firstname],

It’s been a while since you spoke with us, and I just wondered if you are still looking for a [insert what you do]?

If so, I’d love to help you. Ping me a reply or give me a call on [insert your hone number].


(Your Name Here)


Please let me know if you generate some business with it!

Best wishes for now,

Mike Knight MBA FCIM


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