Make Sure You Make Full Use Of This (Often Forgotten) Saleperson On Your Team.

Why Use Outsourced IT Support?

The phrase “copy is salesmanship in print” is attributed to John E. Kennedy (not the ex-president!), an advertising pioneer who revolutionised the advertising industry in the early 1900s. Kennedy believed that the primary purpose of advertising copy was to sell, and he emphasised the importance of clear, persuasive, and direct communication in advertising messages. His ideas laid the foundation for modern advertising principles and continue to influence the field of copywriting today.

However, far too many MSP owners have websites where the text content (i.e. the written copy outlining the reasons to get in touch), has been simply thrown together with little care or just as an afterthought.

Good copywriting is a game-changer for any website because it has the power to captivate, inform, and persuade visitors. Exceptional copywriting has a transformational impact on a website’s success, as it elevates the user experience and drives conversions. By crafting compelling headlines, engaging content, and persuasive calls-to-action, a skilled copywriter can guide visitors through a seamless journey that ultimately leads to the desired outcome, be it a sale or an initial enquiry.

High-quality copywriting resonates with the target audience, addresses their pain points, and offers valuable solutions. It helps build trust and credibility, positioning the brand as an industry leader. Moreover, well-written content boosts a website’s search engine ranking, enhancing its visibility to potential customers.

Effective copywriting appeals to both human readers and search engine algorithms, striking the perfect balance between readability and keyword optimisation. It ensures a cohesive brand voice that reflects the company’s unique identity, fostering brand loyalty and customer retention. In a highly competitive online landscape, exceptional copywriting distinguishes a website from its competitors and propels it to success. In essence, investing in good copywriting is a strategic move that can transform a website’s performance, generating more leads, conversions, and revenue.

Given that good copy can be the difference between getting plenty of leads and sales and getting nothing, it makes sense to ensure you invest either in a competent copywriter or at least invest some time to learn the principles yourself (that you can leverage time and again). Like learning the basics of selling – this skill will reward you multiple times throughout your career.

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