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It’s said that curiosity killed the cat. Maybe so. However, curiosity also led to the discovery of everything of note from penicillin to the tech you’re using to read this right now.

Within the realm of modern psychology, curiosity has been theorised, written about and experimented upon since William James’s work in the 1890’s to Information-Gap theory in the 1990’s and beyond.

This means that marketers (and by extension, savvy business-owners) appreciate the value of curiosity within their marketing-toolbox.
There are countless examples of how it is being successfully used to help sell more products and services, you will certainly have seen it many times and likely have had your behaviour affected by it.

How Can You Use This To Benefit An MSP Business?
One practical way that you can use curiosity within your marketing is with ‘lumpy mail’. This is a form of marketing via direct-mail that can dramatically outperform its regular-mail counterpart and is definitely worth considering.

When sending out direct (snail) mail, the first challenge to overcome is to have the mail (i.e. the envelope) actually opened, rather than discarded.
Letters that look clearly like junk-mail or bills often fail at the first hurdle.
Whilst it’s arguable that this is more of a problem for email, the fact is that snail-mail still requires people to open it , read it and act upon it to work.

The vast majority of envelopes that business owners receive are flat. Therefore, if something small is included within the mail, the envelope will be lumpy. This creates intrigue. Items contained within the mail could be anything from a piece of tasty confectionery to a humble pen. In fact, the latter is often included in mail from charities and may also invoke a sense of reciprocity, whereby the recipient feels indebted to donate in some way.

The contents of the mail isn’t the only consideration – the envelope itself can be of different materials, thicknesses and colours plus contain messages on the outside.

All of these potential combinations mean that there should never be an excuse for boring mail ever again! The key is to test, measure, rinse & repeat … a lot.

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