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While many managed service providers focus on digital marketing tactics like social media and email campaigns, leveraging local news media through public relations (PR) can offer unique benefits and help MSPs build credibility in their communities. Here are some of the main benefits of using PR through local news media :

  1. Increased brand awareness: By appearing in local news media, MSPs can increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Local news outlets have a loyal following in their communities, and getting coverage in these outlets can help MSPs reach potential clients who may not be active on social media or other digital platforms.
  2. Improved credibility: When MSPs are featured in local news media, they gain credibility and trust with potential clients. This is especially important in the technology industry, where many clients may not have a deep understanding of the services provided by MSPs. Being featured in local news media can help establish the MSP as a reputable and trustworthy provider.
  3. Opportunity to showcase expertise: Through PR, MSPs have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and thought leadership in the industry. By providing expert commentary on relevant technology news or by sharing success stories from past clients, MSPs can position themselves as leaders in their field and establish themselves as go-to resources for potential clients.
  4. Cost-effective marketing: Compared to traditional advertising, PR through local news media can be a cost-effective marketing strategy for MSPs. While advertising can be expensive and may not provide the same level of credibility as earned media coverage, PR can offer valuable exposure at little to no cost.
  5. Increased local partnerships: Leveraging local news media can also help MSPs build relationships with other businesses and organizations in their community. By being featured in local news media, MSPs may gain exposure to potential partners and referral sources, which can help drive new business and build a strong network.

But I’m Not Important Enough, Am I ?

Many MSP owners/managers may feel they don’t have sufficient ‘clout’ to warrant the attention of the local media. This is incorrect and a missed opportunity because news outlets are always on the lookout for interesting and relevant stories that will engage and inform their audiences. Here are some reasons why a local news outlet might want to receive content from a local managed service provider:

  1. Technology trends and updates: Managed service providers can provide valuable insights into technology trends and updates that are relevant to their local community. By sharing this information with local news outlets, MSPs can help journalists stay informed and provide their audiences with up-to-date information about the latest technology developments.
  2. Cybersecurity threats and tips: Cybersecurity is an issue that affects everyone, and local news outlets are always looking for ways to help their audiences stay safe online. Managed service providers can offer tips and advice on how to protect against cyber threats, and can also provide insights into local cybersecurity issues that may be of interest to the community.
  3. Success stories and case studies: Managed service providers can share success stories and case studies that highlight their work with local businesses and organizations. These stories can be of interest to local news outlets as they showcase the impact that MSPs can have on the local community and highlight the successes of local businesses.
  4. Thought leadership and expert commentary: Managed service providers can offer expert commentary on a range of technology topics, from cloud computing to data security. By providing expert insights and opinions, MSPs can help local news outlets stay informed about the latest developments in the technology industry.
  5. Community involvement and events: Managed service providers are often involved in local community events and initiatives. By sharing news about these events with local news outlets, MSPs can help promote community involvement and highlight the important role that technology can play in supporting local organizations.

Overall, managed service providers can offer valuable insights and perspectives on a range of technology topics that are of interest to local news outlets. By sharing relevant and engaging content with local news outlets, MSPs can build relationships with journalists and position themselves as thought leaders in their local community.

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