UK Company Scammed $25 Million Via Deepfakes

Massive Deepfake Scam

It’s been reported that an employee at London-based design and engineering multinational, Arup, was duped by a deepfake video call into paying a staggering $25.6 million to fraudsters.  What Happened?  According to reports published on CNN, back in January, a finance employee in Arup’s Hong Kong office received what they suspected was a phishing email,…

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3000% Increase in Deepfake Frauds!

Massive Increase In Deepfakes

A new report from ID Verification Company Onfido shows that the availability of cheap generative AI tools has led to Deepfake fraud attempts increasing by 3,000 per cent (specifically, a factor of 31) in 2023. Free And Cheap AI Tools  Although deepfakes have now been around for several years, as the report points out, deepfake…

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How To Spot Fake Images

Featured Article : How To Spot Fake Images

With deepfake images recently making the news by fooling many people, we look at the issues around fake images and how to spot them.  Recent Examples  The emergence of AI has led to an increasing output of highly convincing fake images/manipulated images/deepfake images (and deepfake videos). Motivations for making these images vary, e.g. entertainment (fun…

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Beware Increasing Deepfake Voice Scams

Tech News : Beware Increasing Deepfake Voice Scams

There have been reports of scammers are using the latest AI deepfake voice clones to sound like family members in distress to swindle relatives out of money.  AI Voice Technology  The kinds of artificially generated voice technology tools that bad actors could be using for ‘imposter scams’ may include  ElevenLabs, Murf,, Respeecher, Resemble, Overdub,…

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Deepfaked Eyes On Video Calls

Tech News : Deepfaked Eyes On Video Calls

A new AI feature for Nvidia’s Broadcast client will overlay your eyes with some deepfake ones which are always looking at the camera.  Eye Contact Feature  The ‘Eye Contact’ feature has been designed to make users/content creators look more engaged while video conferencing or during a live stream. The feature may make it easier for…

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1000+ ‘Deepfakes’ On LinkedIn

1000+ 'Deepfakes' On LinkedIn

Researchers from the Stanford Internet Observatory have reported finding more than one thousand ‘virtual’ employees on the LinkedIn platform.  Faces Created By Artificial Intelligence  Virtual employees in this case are AI-generated photos of employees, the photos of whom don’t belong to any person (living or dead) and are made from mixtures of faces mashed together…

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