Tesla Robotaxi In August

Tesla Taxis

Following a fall in Tesla EV sales and profits, Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced that he’ll be unveiling a ‘Robotaxi’ on August 8 this year.  May Swap Lower Cost EV For Robotaxi  Reports initially indicated that Mr Musk’s Tesla company would be abandoning its plans to build a lower-cost EV (the Model 2) in favour…

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Rampant Referrals For MSPs – Part 6

Recap As a quick recap from last time, you’ll remember that the subject was all about motivation and how motivation (both internally for staff and externally for clients and suppliers) can be likened to a force to make things happen. I used the analogy of Newton’s 3 laws of motion to outline how people (instead…

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Google Deleting Millions Of Users’ Incognito Search Data

Google Data Deleted

As part of a deal to resolve a class action lawsuit in the US dating back to 2020, Google has said it will delete the incognito mode search data of millions of users.  What Lawsuit?  In June 2020 in the US, three Californians named Chasom Brown, Christopher Castillo, and Monique Trujill (along with William Byatt…

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iPhone Users Targeted With Password Reset Scam

Apple Phishing Scam

It’s been reported that some iPhone users have recently been targeted with an MFA bombing / multi-factor fatigue phishing attack.   The attack (which uses a bug in Apple’s password reset feature) bombards the user’s phone with password reset requests and ‘Allow’ or ‘Disallow’ options. If the user eventually clicks on ‘Allow’ in an attempt to…

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A Dozen Handy Google Maps Tricks 

Google Maps Handy Tips

With Google Maps now one of the most popular mapping services globally, used by millions of people every day, plus having new features regularly being added, here we look at a dozen top Google Maps (Android) tricks to help you on your way.  Driving  Since Google Maps can be extremely useful in the car, the…

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Amazon Fined Over“Dark Patterns”

Amazon’s (Luxembourg-based) Polish e-commerce site, Amazon.pl (Amazon EU SARL) has been fined by Poland’s competition and consumer protection watchdog following customer complaints that their orders were being mysteriously cancelled.  Massive Fine  Following an investigation about the complaints, the President of Poland’s UOKiK consumer protection watchdog found Amazon EU SARL guilty of infringement of collective consumer…

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Wait For It …The OpenAI Voice Cloning Tool 

AI Voice Cloning

OpenAI has announced the preview of its (two years in the making) ‘Voice Engine’ voice cloning tool, although there’s no firm release date yet.  What Can It Do?  OpenAI says Voice Engine uses “text input and a single 15-second audio sample to generate natural-sounding speech that closely resembles the original speaker.”  OpenAI says this “small model” with a…

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Rampant Referrals For MSPs – Part 5

Motivation-Sabotage If you’ll recall, last time we finished looking at some reasons why some MSPs limit their referral flow in terms of sabotaging their service. To recap, we looked at : – Overconfidence in Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)– Overvaluing Product Over Service– Assuming One-Size-Fits-All– Believing Low Price Equals High Value– Overreliance on Technology– Misjudging the…

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‘AI Washing’ – Crackdown

The US investment regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has dished out penalties totalling $400,000 to two investment companies who made misleading claims about how they used AI, a practice dubbed ‘AI Washing’.  What Is AI Washing?  The term ‘AI washing’ (as used by the investment regulator in this case) refers to the practice of…

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Serious Apple Chip Vulnerability Discovered

US researchers have reported discovering a hardware chip vulnerability inside Apple M1, M2, and M3 silicon chips. The unpatchable ‘GoFetch’ is a microarchitecture vulnerability and side-channel attack that reportedly affects all kinds of encryption algorithms, even the 2,048-bit keys that are hardened to protect against attacks from quantum computers.  This serious vulnerability renders the security effects of constant-time programming (a…

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