Microsoft Asks Hundreds Of Employees In China To Re-Locate

Microsoft Asks Employees In China To Relocate

It’s been reported in Chinese state media that Microsoft has asked at least 100 employees to consider relocating to other countries.  Why?  It’s been reported that Microsoft has asked hundreds of its China-based employees, particularly those involved in cloud computing and AI, to consider relocating to other countries. It’s thought that this decision was prompted…

Read More Becomes “Gatekeeper”

Booking.Com Now Classed as a Gatekeeper

Online travel marketplace,, has been designated a ‘gatekeeper’ company by the EU under its new Digital Markets Act (DMA) competition law, meaning that now has six months to comply.  Gatekeepers?  Under the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA), ‘gatekeepers’ are large digital platforms that play a pivotal role in the digital economy. They…

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UK Company Scammed $25 Million Via Deepfakes

Massive Deepfake Scam

It’s been reported that an employee at London-based design and engineering multinational, Arup, was duped by a deepfake video call into paying a staggering $25.6 million to fraudsters.  What Happened?  According to reports published on CNN, back in January, a finance employee in Arup’s Hong Kong office received what they suspected was a phishing email,…

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Referrals for MSPs – Part 12

Rampant Referrals - Part 13

Recap : As a quick recap, last time we looked at communicating with your stakeholder groups by firstly looking at those groups over whom you have the most control and this meant reviewing onboarding sessions with your clients, then reviewing onboarding sessions with your staff and other suppliers and then looking at developing your referral…

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Referrals for MSPs – Part 11

Rampant Referrals

Recap : Last time we looked at :– Different Stakeholders – this was a worthwhile framework to use as a business-owner to ensure you are at least aware of (and can communicate with) your entire stakeholder list, for all practical purposes, in the future. Then we started looking at communicating those stake-holders, namely : –…

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Currys, Accenture, Microsoft & New ‘GPT-4o’

ChatGPT Updates

International omnichannel retailer of technology products and services, Currys, has selected Accenture and Microsoft to deliver the core cloud technology infrastructure that will enable it to leverage the latest generative AI technologies.  Accenture?  Accenture is a US multinational professional services company (IT services, cloud, data, AI, and consulting) headquartered in Dublin, that helps leading businesses,…

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iPhone Users Get Google’s ‘Circle to Search’

Google Circle To Search

iPhone users can now use a version of Google’s “Circle to Search” thanks to Google Lens and iOS Shortcuts.  The “Circle to Search” gesture, launched in January (which Google Pixel phone users may already be familiar with) is where users can circle, highlight, scribble or tap any part of an image or text on the…

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What Are ‘Deadbots’?


Following warnings by ethicists at Cambridge University that AI chatbots made to simulate the personalities of deceased loved ones could be used to spam family and friends, we take a look at the subject of so-called “deadbots”.  Griefbots, Deadbots, Postmortem Avatars  The Cambridge study, entitled “Griefbots, Deadbots, Postmortem Avatars: on Responsible Applications of Generative AI in…

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Wales Has Put A SOC In It


The UK’s first national security operations centre (SOC) known as CymruSOC, has launched in Wales to protect the country’s local authorities and fire and rescue services from cyber-attacks.  SOC  The Welsh government has announced that the new SOC service will be managed by Cardiff-based firm Socura, with the intention of ensuring key organisations can continue offering critical…

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OpenAI Boosts Training Via Stack Overflow Data

OpenAI Uses Stack Overflow

A partnership deal between OpenAI and Stack Overflow (the question-and-answer website for programmers and developers) will see the Stack overflow Q&A data used to train and improve AI model performance, potentially benefitting developers who use OpenAI’s products.  Stack Overflow  Stack Overflow is the world’s largest developer community, with more than 59 million questions and answers.…

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