Paul Lloyd

Paul Lloyd is a highly respected sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a track record of success in managing teams to deliver effective sales strategies, and has helped take a business from start-up to over 100 staff and £80m in revenue. As an Interim Sales Director for several well-known companies in the cloud and security markets, Paul has been responsible for revenues of up to £100m annually.

In addition to his professional achievements, Paul is recognized on the prestigious CRN A-List and is a member of the Association of Professional Speakers. He is an engaging speaker and regularly gives workshops on sales and marketing for small businesses. Through his company, Sellerly, Paul offers his expertise as a 'Sales Manager as a Service' to help organizations define their sales proposition, develop their sales process, recruit and manage a sales team, implement CRM systems, create growth plans and new propositions, and build sales campaigns. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the latest sales and social media marketing techniques have helped organizations grow by over 30% annually.

Peer Group Sales Support growth with Sellerly Sales Clubs

Who are Sellerly?

• 30+ years of Sales Experience
• Recognised on the CRN A-List and Judge for the coveted CRN annual Channel awards.
• Members of the Professional Speakers Association
• Sellerly hosts regular workshops on sales and marketing for small businesses

What are Sellerly's Sales Clubs?

• A monthly online forum with a select group of peers knowledge-sharing on successes,
failures and topical issues relating to all things Sales – direct access to an extensive
knowledge and experience pool.
• The clubs aim to give confidence and insight and the unique opportunity to test out
assumptions and sanity-check big decisions.
• A group of like-minded supportive mentors all experts in their own fields becoming a Sales
“hive mind”.

What would I get as a Sales Club member?

• Access to a private LinkedIn group to continue discussions with all members of the Club and
with Sellerly experts in-between meetings, also including a weekly ‘Ask me anything’ topic.
• Access to recordings of all your group’s meetings whether you can attend or not
• Supporting notes and guides related to many of the topics we discuss.
• The ability to resolve your personal day-to-day sales & marketing issues
• The opportunity to gain confidence and make the changes you want
• The chance to improve profits and achieve the success you deserve on your terms

What Will it Cost?
Paul's rates start from £149 / $175pm for Managed Service Providers.

If you're interested in joining Paul's club, please use the MKLINK Contact form here and we'll send you details, together with a £25 voucher against any of Paul's products and services.

To be clear, Sellerly is a separate company from MKLINK although we work in the same industry-sector and are glad to recommend Paul from Sellerly and we know MSPs that happily use his services.

For full-disclosure, we receive an incentive if you buy Paul's services (he promised he wouldn't beat us up or steal our lunch-money). Like MKLINK, Sellerly are part of a network of synergistic businesses serving the MSP community, namely The ITBetweeners.