Don’t Make Me Think!

Don't Make Me Think

That’s the title of a book by Steve Krug – K R U G – like the champagne.  It’s a ground-breaking book that has significantly impacted the field of web design and user experience. Its concise, witty, and easily digestible writing style has made it a favourite among developers, designers and – crucially – business owners alike.  Here’s half a dozen reasons I’d recommend you invest in a copy.

1 – User-Centric Design Principles.

One of the key benefits of “Don’t Make Me Think” is the emphasis on user-centric design principles. He argues that a successful website should be designed with the user in mind, making it intuitive and easy to navigate. By focusing on simplicity and clarity, web designers can create a better overall user experience. This user-centric approach has become a cornerstone of modern web design and has driven the development of countless user-friendly websites.

2 – Practical, Real-World Advice

Steve Krug’s book is packed with practical advice and real-world examples, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to improve their web design skills. Rather than focusing on abstract theories, Krug presents actionable tips and strategies that can be applied to any website project. This hands-on approach has resonated with readers and helped countless designers enhance their skills and create better websites.

3 – Engaging and Accessible Writing Style

Another major benefit of “Don’t Make Me Think” is because unlike many (dry) technical books, it is easy to read and understand, even for those without a background in web design. Krug’s wit and humour make the book enjoyable, ensuring that readers stay engaged and absorb the valuable information it contains.

4 – Timelessness

Despite being published over twenty years ago, the principles and advice in remain relevant and valuable. This is a testament to Krug’s understanding of the core principles of good web design, which have not changed despite the rapid evolution of technology. As a result, “Don’t Make Me Think” has become a timeless resource for designers and developers looking to create user-friendly websites.

5 – Influence on the Industry

“Don’t Make Me Think” has had a profound influence on the web design and UX industries. It has inspired countless designers to adopt a user-centric approach and has shaped the development of many successful websites. The book has also been widely adopted as a core text in web design and UX courses, helping to educate the next generation of designers.

6 – Broad Applicability

While “Don’t Make Me Think” primarily focuses on web design, its principles can be applied to other areas, such as mobile app design and software development. The focus on usability, simplicity, and user-centered design is relevant to any project that involves user interaction. As a result, readers from various fields can benefit from the insights and advice offered in the book.

In conclusion, “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug is a a must-read for professionals and business owners alike and the best bit is that it’s quick and easy to read plus you’ll never look at a website again in the same way and … just as importantly … you’ll never let a web designer fob you off with any nonsense that would otherwise get in the way of converting more of your valuable website visitors to sales leads.


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