MSP Membership Club

Since our inception in 1998, MKLINK has helped nearly 2,000 businesses across various sectors. Since 2014, MKLINK has operated a small, private club specifically for managed service providers where we offer exclusive marketing content and training, together with regular meetings and a private member's forum where members help each other various ways, ranging from marketing to operations.

Our premium membership is strictly by invitation and application only, as we are not looking to overpopulate this exclusive club, therefore numbers are tightly limited, with a waiting list.

However, we also have a free membership level where we provide MSP owners with regular marketing content and training sessions, plus other useful collateral.

Free MSP membership entitles MSP owners to :

  • Monthly MSP Marketing Content to Use For Your Own Promotion.
  • Access to Select MSP Marketing Training Videos.
  • Invitations To Regular, Live MSP Training Sessions.
  • Regular MSP Marketing News & Tips.
  • Listings of MSP business owners looking to sell, merge or acquire.
  • A Free Paperback Book - posted to your office (for UK Members only please)

The lack of drama, urgency and hyperbole you'll notice here is because our MSP membership is a small, happy group and we want to retain its culture and exclusivity. Most of our members join via word of mouth anyway and we reserve the right to refuse membership or cancel membership if we feel it is necessary.

If you'd like more information without the usual hard-sell or disingenuous FOMO ('Fear of Missing Out') about the free or premium MSP membership services, please register your interest via our contact form - thank you.