Free Trial Offer : 6 Helpful Resources For MSPs (& Their Clients/Prospects)

MKLINK’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage for MSPs.
Within this free MSP free trial offer, MSP owners/directors/managers will receive :

1 : MSP Referral Marketing Content
(Worth £100 per month)

You’ll receive two weeks’ worth of interesting marketing content which you can use on your website, blog, emails, social channels and which includes six professionally written articles each week containing IT news stories, Technical Insights, Featured-Articles, Latest Security Updates and  “How To” guides.

In addition, you’ll be able to have  3 months’ worth of marketing content pertaining to sustainability in technology for businesses, delivered weekly, again which you can use for your own marketing purposes and which is free of charge for you to use.

2 : Weekly IT Training Videos (for your clients)
(Worth £300 per month)

This includes two weeks’ free access to the MSP Video-Vault containing IT training videos enabling you to provide helpful IT training resources (white-labelled as yours) to your prospects and clients. Whether it’s IT security, business-tech productivity or simply staying abreast of what’s happening in business-tech, these videos enable you to keep your team/prospects and clients ahead of the curve.

3 : Weekly List of Current IT Companies for Sale
(Worth £20 per month)

Every week (for a month), you’ll receive a list of current IT companies currently for sale, so that you can investigate whether any of them are relevant or of interest to you.

3 : Voucher : Free IT Business Valuation & 1 Hour M & A Consultancy
(Worth £95)

Should you wish to know how much your IT business is worth, we can provide you with a no-obligation valuation, plus one hour of consultancy pertaining to the buying or selling of an IT business from an advisor, specifically experienced in IT mergers and acquisitions.

4 : 2 Weeks' Access to MSP Member's Chat Forum
(Worth Reading !!!)

Our private MSP community is very busy and members help each other a lot. You can see for yourself how proactively helpful members are and avail yourself of the wealth of tips and advice that members are sharing with each other. This offer includes 2 weeks’ worth of the latest forum chat sent to you.

6 : Voucher : Thirty Minutes Free MSP Legal Advice With Specialist Cyber Lawyer
(Worth £125)
As well as having access to an MSP contracts template that we’ve negotiated for 1/20th of the usual price, you can also have 30 minutes of free legal advice with our specialist MSP legal advisor

To receive your vouchers and referral marketing materials, please contact us here today.