MKLINK - Sustainable Energy & Utilities

Since 2008 MKLINK's energy partners have procured, managed, and analysed energy for businesses of all sizes, from the smallest high street shop right up to international airports. Our partners manage SME, multi-site, and Corporate energy customers, and have helped thousands of businesses save money by buying energy from the right supplier at the right time.

Many businesses are unaware, for example, that when relocating to new premises existing energy contracts are not carried over and this can lead to a period of having to pay very expensive “out of contact rates”. Our energy partners can manage this process so that your move is fully covered, and over-priced bills can be avoided.

Our expert energy partners also have close contact with the market and all major suppliers and can advise the best time to either extend an existing contract or to switch to a new supplier and benefit from more favourable market conditions.

Our expert team already provides energy management services to major UK businesses and organisations and manages annual gas and electricity expenditure on behalf of clients. We are also able to offer portfolio and bespoke procurement solutions to larger energy users to help manage energy prices even when market conditions are less stable. Every customer is important to us from small owner-managed businesses to large multi-national operations, and we will help you to provide a service tailored to their individual requirements.

Our expert energy consultants are assisted by an industry-leading energy management platform which gathers and evaluates energy data so that customers can make informed energy decisions that can save time and money, improve performance and reduce excessive consumption. All businesses need to move to smart meters this year and we can help you to take advantage of the cost benefits they provide by organising installation.

MKLINK Goes Greener

World green energy targets, increasingly obvious climatic changes, and damage to the natural environment, coupled with an urgent need to dramatically cut a reliance on fossil fuels have made green energy more important and popular than ever.  With this in mind, here are some examples of some of the worthwhile global projects that are contributing to mkLINK’s greener agenda:

Carbon Offsetting

Being able to offset energy usage with the purchase of ‘carbon credits’ is now an affordable and surprisingly simple option for SMEs with our annual carbon offset plans that can be specifically tailored to your energy usage. Getting your own certified green credentials for a relatively small annual cost, rather than simply trusting green tariffs gives your business the opportunity to show a green commitment and keep costs down at the same time.

Renewable Green Energy Projects – Solar and Wind

Replacing the reliance on coal-fired stations with renewable alternatives that minimise pollution and don’t contribute to climate change makes sense.  Renewable VCS standard green energy projects can be particularly helpful in high populous, high natural emission and fossil fuel-reliant countries such as India. Solar photovoltaic (PV) generation and wind energy with turbines can keep delivering clean grid energy at scale and such projects can also be a source of jobs and other benefits.

Indonesian Forest and Peatland Conservation Projects

The rainforests and peat swamp forests of Indonesia are biodiverse, vital forestry habitats that are home to incredible animals such as the Bornean Orangutan, and Proboscis Monkey.  Unfortunately, these areas are under intense pressure deforestation, logging, and degradation. Conservation and forest restoration projects, in partnership with local communities in these areas, can help save endangered species, meet sustainable development goals have a positive impact on dozens of local communities, as well as generating around 7.5 million triple gold CCB certified carbon credits annually. This equates to taking 2,000,000 cars off the road each year!

South American Landfill Gas to Energy Project

Based on a landfill site that receives approximately 130,000 tonnes of domiciliary solid waste per month this is a project captures landfill biogas and burns it to generate electricity thereby transforming a landfill site into a new source of clean, renewable energy.  This project is registered by the Gold Standard Foundation and directly supports several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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