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The IT Managed service market is a particularly active marketspace. Recurring revenues and clients who tend to stick with entrenched suppliers means that acquisition is an effective and relatively risk-free way to grow a business.

In an active market, many deals are done “off market” where a discreet approach and informal discussion can pay dividends.

David Howard
David Howard – Business Broker

MKLINK provide a successful business brokerage and advisory service, with the experience of a diversified mix of sales of managed service providers in recent years.  Now a trusted advisor to the MSP community, David Howard offers discrete advice and assistance when it comes to planning an exit, or if you are looking to grow we can bring you potential acquisitions, fully profiled with advice on value and synergies.

David works with a number of MKLINK clients to help them, depending on where they are in their journey. For those seeking to grow by acquisition, David provides a list of suitable candidates. Other MKLINK clients receive David’s help in planning their exit. In addition to this, there are many other areas that don’t neatly fit into these gaps that David also provides consultancy around.

“We work on a personal consultative approach, ensuring a discreet and successful outcome. We are committed to our clients delivering value as we progress through a project together. We do not handcuff clients into long-term contracts which have no shared value.” : David Howard

MKLINK MSP Market Watch

A weekly email service profiling IT businesses new to the market giving subscribers the opportunity to review businesses and decide which may be relevant. You can either then approach the business or their agent or use our service to profile, assess, and value the proposition for you.

Business Valuations

Interested to understand what the market value of your IT business is, or what finance you could raise against your business? Register your interest and we can give you a basic valuation in 24hrs – for free.

Business Sales

When the time is right and you are keen to obtain the best price for your business, we offer a proactive service of profiling and marketing your business. Our Market tested approach is proven to give you the best chance to obtain the optimum price in a timely fashion. We don’t use traditional listing sites where businesses sit for months with no action. This is a discreet and proactive service where you can expect results.

Proactive Business Search (‘Business Finder’)

If you are looking to grow your IT business and need to find symbiotic businesses that would complement your current operations we offer a proactive business search service. We take a profile of your ideal business and actively search out candidate businesses for you. Working with partners we can bring Commercial Finance, Legal and accountancy support for Due Diligence to ensure you make fully informed decisions.


If you are already engaged in the process of buying or selling a business, we offer specific advice through the process on a day rate basis. Negotiating the best price is always aided by the use of a third party working with both sides to find agreement.  With our specific industry knowledge, we can help you present your IT business in the best light, or if you are acquiring, ensure that through your due diligence you pay a fair price for what is on offer.

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