Apple Launches $3,500 Pro Vision VR Headset 

Apple has launched its $3,500 (starting price) Pro Vision Virtual Reality (VR) headset in the US with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, appearing at its Fifth Avenue New York store to mark the significance of the occasion.  The Pro Vision VR Headset allows users to blend digital content with their physical space and users can navigate…

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Microsoft Now More Valuable Than Apple

Worries about smartphone demand have been blamed for Microsoft’s stock market value ending a trading session higher than Apple’s last week for the first time since 2021.  How Much?  Microsoft adding 1 per cent to its stock value compared to just a 0.2 per cent rise from Apple saw Microsoft’s value (market capitalisation) reach an…

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ChatGPT Inside Vehicles Opens Possibilities

Following the news that Volkswagen (VW) is to add ChatGPT to the IDA voice assistant in its cars and SUVs, we look at what this could mean for the direction of technology for cars.   Adding ChatGPT  At the current CET in Las Vegas, VW announced that starting in Europe in the second quarter of…

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MSP Copywriting – Part 17

Recap from Last Time Last time we finished looking at the AIDA part of the URGENT-AIDA model.We looked at providing guarantees and social proof to increase the conversion rate of the call to action. On the basis that repetition is the workhorse of marketing and training, let’s remind ourselves of those letters again in URGENT…

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Copywriting For MSPs – Part 15

Recap from Last Time : Trajectory of Advertising – Volume of personal daily exposure to advertsA lesson from antiquity – Ethos, Pathos, LogosMemorable Mnemonic :  U – R – G – E – N – T      A – I – D – AUsing Facts & Personal History to Build Rapport Last time, we finished on…

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Copywriting For MSPs – Part 14

Recap – Last time we had a look at :Rephrasing the Most Important Benefits in The Closing Offer.Making Things Fast, Easy and Simple.Spelling Out EXACTLY What People Must Do.A Note about CAPTCHA Forms.A Note About Images, The ‘P.S.’, The Signature and the Envelope. Background In 1900, the number of advertisements an average person was exposed…

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Firefox – What’s In a Name?

On November 9th 2004, the well-known web-browser ‘Firefox’ was released, although it had earlier been called something entirely different altogether. Originally created in 2002 by members of the Mozilla community, the browser had the codename “Phoenix”. This was supposed to reflect the project’s aim to “rise from the ashes of Netscape Navigator” after it was…

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MSP Copywriting – Part 8

As a quick recap, last time I mentioned that repetition is the workhorse of marketing and that there’s no reason why your sales copy can’t restate the main points more than once throughout the copy – in different ways if necessary. This is especially true of trying to ensure your target market reads your message…

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The Ansoff Matrix For MSP Marketing Strategies

In the competitive world of Managed Service Providers, standing out and reaching the right audience is crucial so the Ansoff Matrix, which is a strategic planning tool, offers a structured approach to explore growth opportunities. Basically, the amount of money you make can be expressed as Value x Volume. Value is the amount of money…

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Zoom-Bosses Order Staff Return To Office

Following its growth during the pandemic, video communications company Zoom, which made remote working possible for many, has now ordered staff back to the office for two days a week.  Those Within A Commutable Distance  This move from Zoom, which many see as a trend among big companies to pull-back from their major commitments to…

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Apple Tax For Facebook

Instagram and Facebook Ads ‘Apple Tax’

Meta has announced that it will be passing on Apple’s 30 per cent service charge (often referred…

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Ring Doorbell Pricing Concerns

Ding Dong Doorbells

After the Amazon-owned ‘Ring’ video doorbell company’s recent major subscription price hike across its range caused anger…

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Virtual Credit Cards

What Are ‘Virtual’ Credit Cards? 

In this tech-insight, we take a look at the world of virtual cards, who offers them, their…

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Google Waits on Hold

Google Waits On Hold For You Until A Human Answers

Google’s new “Talk to a Live Representative” feature will call a business for you, wait on hold…

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AI Generated Videos

OpenAI Videos Gamechanger

OpenAI’s new ‘Sora’ AI-powered text-to-video tool is so good that its outputs could easily be mistaken for…

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Google’s AI Saves Your Conversations For 3 Years

If you’ve ever been concerned about the privacy aspects of AI, you may be very surprised to…

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