Business Cost Reduction Expertise : Start Saving Money Today

MKLINK can help you make significant savings on your business utilities and other cost inputs.

Whether your entity is a micro-business, a charity or large multi-national conglomerate, we will help you to provide a service tailored to your particular requirements.

We can provide you with a service second to none that will save you time, money and hassle. Our aggregators work with a budget of over £100 million annually of electricity, gas and water expenditure from international airports (e.g. Gatwick, Heathrow) all the way down through to hospitals, schools and local shops.

We'll work with you to get you the most competitive energy quote and work within your criteria - whether it's from renewable sources, mainstream providers or your own preferred supplier list. We constantly monitor the energy markets to ensure that you're always kept advised of the best time to switch suppliers - or not - as the case may be.

For our larger clients, we provide a range of leading-edge (bespoke) solutions to procure your utilities across your portfolio, giving you access to high level reporting from all the data collected from your entire estate.

Whether it's organising smart-meters for a one-man band to liasing with your existing supplier to ensure your multi-site corporation has the best deal in place (yes, we can work with your existing contracts), you can be assured we've got you covered by making savings we're confident you'll find very attractive.

While utilities are the mainstay of our cost-reduction expertise, we have occasionally helped our clients make significant saving in other cost centres too, from HR to marketing.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation consultation about how we save you money - all at no cost to yourself.