How Can These 100 UK MSPs Generate More Leads, Sales & Revenue With Less Marketing Budget, Regardless of The Economy?

If you run an MSP business, here is your chance to join an exclusive club of managed service providers and make a significant difference to how you recruit and retain more clients, as well as attracting substantially reviews and referrals than ever before, all without expensive consultancy fees or marketing costs or upsells of any kind.

The MSP's Sustainable Competitive Advantage : The UK's longest-established and most exclusive content-marketing club for MSPs.

For a low monthly subscription, you can have all-you-can-eat marketing content sent to you weekly, along with access to 25 years' worth of marketing experience, plus the ability share effective resources with a close-knit community of like-minded MSP owners who help each other out on a regular basis. There are no contracts, tie-ins or minimum-periods.

To keep this unique MSP club exclusive and retain the high value for our MSP owners, memberships are by application only and there is only one member per area.

MKLINK has been trading successfully since 1998 so here's your chance to leverage our unique knowledge to help your MSP business. Discover now whether your area is still available for the UK's premier and most exclusive private network of MSPs.

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*Only One MSP per Area

Most Marketing For MSPs Is Expensive,
Ineffective & Stressful.


71% of Business Ads Are Useless


84% Of B2B Sales Come Via Referrals


87% Of MSP's Clients Would Refer Them

Yet Only For a Referral

Here's Why Most MSP Marketing Doesn’t Work...

According to a study of 600 ads by the LinkedIn-backed B2B Institute, 71 per cent are likely to generate no sales.

Furthermore, from the hundreds of MSPs MKLINK have spoken with, the vast majority of them get new business from referrals.

This backs up the finding that 84% of B2B decision-makers begin the purchase process with a referral (Influitive). Our own extensive research also backs up the well-known adage that around 90% of clients will offer a referral. However, only 11% of businesses actually ask for them (Carnegie).


MSP Owners Are Often Too Busy To Pick Up the "Low Hanging Fruit" of Easy Sales-Leads

It obviously makes sense to ensure referrals are maximised and marketing costs (e.g. advertising that's not working) are either scrapped or at least very closely scrutinised.

Excellent communications are at the heart of generating more leads, referrals and sales. It’s not enough to simply be good at what you do, it’s essential to communicate the value that you provide effectively and on a regular basis.

Many MSP owners and managers understand the importance of maintaining regular contact with their clients and prospects. However because the IT industry is so busy and frenetic, MSP business owners find they don’t have time to create good content or send it out.

This means they either have to pay lots of money to expensive marketing agencies or miss out on regular communications altogether.

This is why we launched MKLINK's MSP Marketing Club. It's the UK's Longest-Established and Most Exclusive Content Marketing Club for MSPs.

Check out these great benefits of membership ...

Tech News

Benefit # 1 All You Can Eat Weekly Marketing MSP Content

This is why our MSP marketing club comes in so handy. It's called the Sustainable Competitive Advantage for MSPs. Among other things, members receive all-you-can-eat MSP-specific marketing content each week containing interesting, relevant and up-to-date IT news and information. Our MSP members which use this content enjoy much higher than average email open rates when they send newsletters out. As you’d expect, the open-rate stats are regularly shared with our members.

Additionally, you can request content written about a topic of your choice and where practical, we'll include it in the next week's content for you.

As well as having all the content you’ll ever need so that you can keep your website fresh and your blog updated and your newsletters regular and the ever-hungry social media channels continually fed with interesting, relevant and shareable content, there are significant other benefits of membership too.

Greg Micallef

Greg Micallef

Gregory Micallef Associates Ltd.

"The weekly content supplied by MKLink is fantastic, and our open and click through rates are well above the industry averages.

Furthermore, the events and webinars etc that I have attended have always been very useful, informative, and engaging, and I have no hesitation in recommending MKLink."


Benefit # 2 Exclusivity

The membership is exclusive, which means that there will never, ever be more than 149 members in the UK.

This means you get the best value of excellent content for an affordable price and you can be sure that your content isn’t being copied and shared by hundreds or even thousands of other MSPs posting the same boring old stuff.

On top of that, there’s only one MSP per geographical area, meaning that there’s no conflict of interest and that members can and help each other out.

Andrew Wilkinson

Andy Wilkinson


"I’ve looked at various options for having an IT-related newsletter sent out to our customers and prospects on our behalf and yours is definitely the best value I’ve found, particularly combined with the excellent UK-based MSP community you have created around the chat group.

It works well in that due to our respective geographical locations we don’t tread on each other’s toes, so it makes for valuable discussions in the group, some of which continue offline too. Your down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach is very much appreciated.

Please keep going!"


Benefit # 3 Close-Knit Community : Get Help In Realtime

All members have access to a private chat group where they pass leads and referrals as well as tips and advice and technical expertise. Going above and beyond all the juicy gossip about the industry as a whole and who’s charging what for different services, it’s a wonderfully supportive community and questions and answers are posted in real-time, very often with members getting help and advice much quicker than they ever would if they rang up a supplier directly.

So, next time you want to know how much a particular distributor has been charging for their services or if a national supplier’s service has gone down ... or if you need boots on the ground on the other side of the country ... you can get help within minutes, not hours and days.

Thomas Jenkinson

Thomas Jenkins


"MKLINK keep us well informed of what’s going on in the world of MSP marketing and I’m very happy with the information, feedback and training we’re getting. This is a fantastic group to belong to, I feel honoured to have been a member for a number of years.

Thanks Mike and the team."

Marketing Training

Benefit # 4 Regular Live Monthly MSP Marketing Meetups via Zoom

On top of the weekly MSP marketing content and member-to-member support network, there’s also monthly training as well, via live Zoom calls. Training is typically about MSP marketing issues and can cover any aspect about getting more leads and sales.

We cover other subjects too and some of the very successful MSPs we interview often share some really helpful insights into how to run a  more profitable business. After all, there’s no substitute for experience.

Conversely, we occasionally have meetings where we find what problems MSPs owners are facing and then help to solve them together. These online meetings are live and with fairly small groups so you can ask questions as well as speak directly to the other members if you want.


Tom Lawrence

Systems IT

"We have been working with Mike and the team to help develop our marketing strategy and provide relevant regular content for our own blog.

Mike provides straight-talking advice that has given us new ideas and focus to help improve the inflow of new business leads / referrals."

CIM Elected Fellow

Benefit # 5 Experience Earned Over 25 Years In Business Plus The Classroom Too

MKLINK membership provides marketing training and advice, free-of-charge for our members. To be clear however, MKLINK doesn't sell business-coaching.

Despite running a successful marketing company since 1998, earning a First-Class Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA Distinction) plus having been elected as a Fellow of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing, Mike Knight MBA FCIM nevertheless doesn’t feel qualified to tell you how to run your own business, nor feel inclined to charge (usually very expensive) coaching fees. We want to share what we've learned, free for all our members.

In the main, your MSP marketing club includes everything you'll need to have and know to get more sales, leads, referrals, reviews and better profit-margins nevertheless you'll still need to do "stuff".
You get out what you put in.

If you still want a business-coach or need a marketing person to do the work for you, MKLINK can recommend some trusted people and resources who are well-known in the MSP industry.

This means with your MKLINK MSP Marketing Club, there’s no upsells and nothing extra to buy.

If you have any questions, you'll have them answered them as best we can and if we still don’t know the answer, we’ll try and find out for you. Some team members have been with MKLINK since 1998 business so we've learned a thing or two.

Simon Beckett

Simon Beckett

Dynacom IT

"Mike and his team have done a great job creating and managing content for us, and building our contacts and referrals.

Honest and down to earth."

MSP Mergers and Acquisitions

Benefit # 6 Receive Your Weekly List Of IT Companies Being Sold

Every week, you’ll receive a list of IT businesses that are for sale in the public domain so that you can see what they're selling for. (We also find off-market deals for some MSPs too, just ask)

At any time, if you’d like to have your business valued, we can arrange this – completely free of charge and free of obligation.

After all, you’ll doubtless exit the business one day and we can help you prepare and organise for this eventuality in a timely, organised and prepared manner so as to be as stress-free and profitable for you as possible when the time comes, rather than leaving it until the last minute and making mistakes and potentially selling for less than you could have, if anything means you're forced to sell sooner than you'd planned to.

Our specialist MSP Mergers and Acquisitions expert is on hand to offer free help and advice whether you're interested in acquiring an MSP, merging with another buseinss or exiting/retiring.

Izak Oosthuizen

Izak Oosthuizen


"Excellent service !

We successfully acquired our first business under MKLINK’s supervision & guidance!

Highly recommend !"

MSP Legal Advice

Benefit # 7 Free Specialist MSP Legal Advice

We've partnered with a firm that can provide you with specialist legal advice for MSPs. As part of your membership, they've agreed to provide members with couple of hours of legal advice per year (half an hour per quarter consultancy).

As well as answering your questions, they can provide bespoke work for you if you wish. Our members have saved lots of money pooling resources to produce contracts for customers and suppliers.

Just think of all those staff contracts, service agreements, contingencies etc to stay on top of !

Matthew Southgate

Matthew Southgate

39D IT Support

"I have worked with Mike over the last 6 months to build up our marketing plan and trianing so my new members of staff have the right message and also a process to deliver the marketing content provided by MKLINK.

The MSP membership is useful and I’m Happy to recommend MKLINK for any IT company looking to increase their marketing results."

Sustainability In Technology

A Quick Mention : Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage

By being an MKLINK MSP Member, you'll be supporting a small charity geared towards educating businesses, schools and other organisations about how to run their businesses more sustainably, especially with technology, thereby ultimately helping protect our wildlife and waterways.

The tech industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to environmental impact and so as part of your membership, you'll also receive some additional weekly content which you can use and share which is all about how the tech industry is making strides to become more sustainable and how businesses can make a difference.

If you want, you can have your business listed as a sponsor, no additional fees are charged although you can donate separately if you wish. Even non-members may have access to this - it's not for profit and our main aim is to spread the message not restrict the sustainability content!

1Month Trial

Take a Month's Trial : Your MSP's Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Regular membership costs £100+vat per month. Without actually seeing it for yourself, it's difficult to convey the benefits of membership – either in terms of the experience MKLINK can offer by virtue of having been in business since 1998 or the value of the content or the networking and support you’ll get from other members.
That’s why you can have a month’s trial membership today for just £4.95+vat.

During this month’s trial, you’ll have full access to use the monthly marketing content and see the private MSP group member’s chat and be able to access 5 of the previous recordings of our marketing meetings.

Membership is cancellable at any time, there are no contracts, tie-ins or minimum periods.

At some point during this initial month's membership, you’ll be invited to an onboarding process which is available to all new members after 30 days and if you want it, you and your team can ask all your marketing-related questions and have them answered plus receive 90 minutes one-to-one marketing advice, which is on top of receiving a fully bespoke marketing plan made just for you - all included in your membership.

Your Guarantee £4.95+vat Refunded If Unhappy After Your Trial Period

Your Guarantee

After your month’s £4.95 trial is over you can cancel your subscription if you feel that membership isn’t for you.

Furthermore, we'll even refund your trial month’s fee of £4.95+vat  with no quibbles and you can keep your bonuses regardless.

Thereafter, membership continues at the usual price of just £100+vat and once again, you can cancel at any time in the future should you wish, with no further payments being due.

In summary, we're making this a no-brainer so you can see whether membership is right for you.

When you apply for your Month's Trial Membership Now, You'll Get :

  • 1 Month Subsidised by Us - i.e. Your Trial Month is just £4.95+vat
  • One Month's Marketing Content For You to Use - Delivered Weekly
  • Weekly Listings of IT Companies For Sale
  • Paperback Guide To Buying a Business Posted Thought Your Letterbox
  • Access to Private MSP Member's Group Chat
  • Invitation To Attend/Participate in Monthly MSP Marketing Zoom Call
  • Claim Your Own Exclusive Area
  • Recordings of 5 Previous MSP-Marketing Zoom Meetings
  • Business Copywriting Guide
  • List Of What (anonymised) Members Are Paying & Charging For Managed Services
  • Bespoke Marketing Plan & 90 Minutes One to One Consultancy (Optional !)

Remember, you can cancel at any time and if you're not delighted with your month's membership, we'll refund your £4.95+vat

Want a month's trial? Check if your area is available...

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*Only One MSP per Area

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